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Agropet is a journal that publishes research articles, review articles, and research notes related to agrotechnology in both Bahasa and English. The published fields consist of plant cultivation, plant breeding, plant ecophysiology, seed science, land agriculture, post-harvest, plant pests and diseases, weeds, agricultural technology, and agricultural biotechnology. Agropet also publishing various disciplines of animal science, such as animal feed and nutrition; animal reproduction, genetics, and production; social and economic; and animal products science and technology

All manuscripts submitted to journals must be written in Bahasa and/or English. The manuscripts in Bahasa should include the title, abstract, and keywords in English. The manuscript content is based of the result of research or experiment (maximum of the last 5 years), articles review, or research notes about experimental methods, technology, observations, and preliminary results of an experiment. The accepted manuscript has not yet been published or not in the process of publication in other national or international scientific journals.


Kebijakan Bagian


Centang Naskah Terbuka Centang Diindeks Centang Telah di-Peer review

Proses Peer Review

In the reviewing process, there are at least two expert reviewers for each manuscript in the related topic. In addition, under certain conditions such as inequality of value of two reviewers or on other considerations, may be reviewed by the editor of the editorial board. In the case of three reviewers, the decision will be made from at least two reviewers. Three weeks will be needed for a reviewer to complete one round reviewing process.

Generally, the candidate of reviewers will be chosen based on their reputation publication number and quality. Next step, The Editor sends the invitation letter for each candidate of the reviewer.

All reviewing process is in double-blind peer review and managed by editor in the OJS.


Frekuensi Penerbitan

Terbit 2 kali dalam setahun (Juni dan Desember)


Kebijakan Akses Terbuka

Jurnal ini menyediakan akses terbuka yang pada prinsipnya membuat riset tersedia secara gratis untuk publik dan akan mensupport pertukaran pengetahuan global terbesar.


Screening for Plagiarism

The submitted manuscript would be check for plagiarism using by: 


Publication Ethics

For research manuscript involving experiments on live vertebrates and/or higher invertebrates, the corresponding authors must be confirm that all experiments were performed in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations. The manuscript must include a statement identifying the institute and/or licensing committee approving the experiments, including any relevant details. Manuscripts that lack proper ethical consideration for human or animal subjects will not be accepted for publication.