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Judul: Justitia : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum
ISSN: 2085-5478 (print)
Subject: Scholarly Law Journal
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Penerbit: Fakultas Hukum Universitas Sintuwu Maroso
Alamat Redaksi: Lt. Dasar Gedung Rektorat, Fak. Hukum, Universitas Sintuwu Maroso Jl. P. Timor No. 1. Poso
Email: justitia@unsimar.ac.id
Telepon: +62 811-451-774 (Dr. Abdul Muthalib Rimi, S.H.,M.H.)
OAI: http://ojs.unsimar.ac.id/index.php/justitia/oai


JUSTITIA : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum is a peer-review scholarly Law Journal issued by Faculty of Law Sintuwu Maroso University which is purported to be an instrument in disseminating ideas or thoughts generated through academic activities in the development of legal science (jurisprudence). JUSTITIA accepts submissions of scholarly articles to be published that cover original academic thoughts in Legal Dogmatics, Legal Theory, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law. In order to guarantee the originality of articles and to avoid plagiarism, Turnitin and Grammarly software will be used for each article checking. In addition, the author whom the article is announced to be eligible for being published shall submit approval declaration of article publishing and plagiarism declaration. Justitia receives articles in Bahasa Indonesia and English and it will be issued twice in a year (June and December).

Please read these guidelines carefully. Authors who want to submit their office manuscript to the editorial office of Jurnal Ilmiah Administratie should obey the writing guidelines. If the text is not written in a different format, it will BE REJECTED by the editors before further reviewed. The editor will only accept the manuscripts which meet the assigned format.

Justitia published selected articles under licensed Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licensed.

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Vol 15, No 2 (2021): Justitia : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum

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Yusran Maaroef
Suzanna Lumeno
Erwin Taroreh
Jemmy Dedi Rengku
Ester Balebu